Spaces Available

We have Places available!

With the ongoing challenges of the current pandemic we want you to know that we are still offering spaces for all children in nursery.

To ensure we can offer visits that suit all families we have different options available for you to view our nursery.

Live video tours (zoom)

We can offer a video call around our setting and we can book you in at a time convenient for you and we will show you around nursery and explain what happens in each room and you can ask questions as we go around on the tour.

After hours tours

We can offer visits where parents can come to look around nursery when children do not attend. Face coverings and social distancing will be adhered too.

Meeting outside

This will include a quick tour around the inside of nursery first, we will go outside to give you a more detailed description of what our nursery has to offer. Face coverings and social distancing will be adhered too.

How can I book a place for my child after I have had a tour?

We usually ask parents to fill out an application form and return this to us, at the moment we can send you an email with details on that we require to ensure your child has a place secured and when you replay that place will be confirmed. Please get in touch via our contact page.

Will settling in sessions still take place?

We need children to feel safe and secure when starting nursery and parents to feel at ease when leaving their child so we are still offering the settling in sessions as normal, we ask parents to wear face coverings and to social distance.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us via email or calling we are always more than happy to answer any of your questions

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