Baby Room

Our baby room is deliberately comparatively small room, having space for only 12 babies, this allows staff the time and space to spend a lot of one to one time with our youngest children. Our main focus in this room is to provide an environment that is like a home from home. Children at this age especially need the comfort of knowing their needs are being met and if they want to, a cuddle is never far away. We have two areas that make up our baby room catering for 3 months to 2 years, the areas are designed to create a stimulating environment and provide a variety of rich learning experiences.

The first room, our soft play room is where children can move freely on the floor with lots of opportunities for physical exploration. There is also a sensory corner full of feely toys and lights to engage all babies senses. Our second room has higher level furniture to encourage cruising and free standing. This is where we do all our messy activities such as painting, baking and sand and water play. There is a role play area with small kitchen for when children are ready to take part in pretend play, and we also have a cosy book corner set up for independent access to a variety of books and somewhere to sit with staff for a cuddle and a story.

We also have a separate sleep room full of cots and cosy lights for when our babies need their well deserved naps. 


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