We have a large open outdoor space for children to enjoy, the area is separated into two different types of outdoor play.

The first area we like to call Toybox Town, here we have lots of role play opportunities with different areas set up for children to explore. There is a kitchen and babies bedroom, post office, doctor office, cafe and car garage for children to act like little grown ups. We also have mark making, construction and reading areas for children to still take part in these activities even when outside. The area is covered to allow children the opportunity to play outside even in wet weather.

The second area is our larger space, and has been designed with gross motor development in mind. There is a climbing frame, Mud kitchen area, den building and a large area for construction. We also have a separate play area for our babies to explore outside, they have access to sand and water play, small bikes and ride ons, various construction resources and creative activities. Whilst the children are outside staff will set up activities to mimic what goes on inside but with an outside twist, things like painting but using natural materials such as leaves and twigs or construction on a larger scale and den making.

We also have an allotment to the front of the nursery where children can grow a large variety of fruits and vegetables all year round.



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